Hitting Demystified: 9 Concepts That Can Improve Your Batting Average

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Did you know that hitting is not taught in professional baseball? It’s typically not taught at the college level, either. While this may be hard to believe, it’s also hard not to notice how many batting stances and approaches you see amongst professional and amateur players alike.

If you think about it, you must already be able to hit in order to get on the field in Little League. You must be able to hit already to get on the Pony League field, the high school field, and the college team. And ultimately, you must already be able to hit in order to get a Scout’s attention and into professional baseball.  This means, truth be told, that most hitters learn to hit between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. 

So, what elements should you keep in mind during practice? Follow along during our blog series as we introduce 9 concepts that should always be considered when stepping up to the batter’s box.