Hitting Demystified #1: All Good Hitters Have Strong Hands

What do all good hitters have in common starting at an early age? They all have strong hands for their class or skill level of play. They were the kids with the strongest hands and that is precisely what allowed them to grow as players. But why are strong hands so important?

1.)   The bat naturally wants to lie still. It’s simply physics: the faster you move the bat, the more it resists the action. It takes strong hands to neutralize the developing inertia.

2.)   The pitched ball arrives with tremendous force against the barrel of the bat. It takes strength to withstand or overcome the force. If your hands are not strong enough to maintain a coupling or a grip on the bat, very little force will be transferred into the baseball through contact.

3.)   When a hitter starts forward with the impulse created by their initiation to the ball, the hitter’s hands must be strong enough to accelerate the bat and their bodies into the hitting position.

Because your grip will be challenged by the mass of the bat, the force of the pitched baseball and the impulse created in your body strengthening your hands becomes the most Important requirement in your training and early development as a hitter. 

The most important thing a player en route to becoming a good hitter should do is take part in hand strengthening routines or programs. There are many tools and methods useful in making your hands strong:

  • Sand
  • Rice
  • Spring Grips
  • Tennis Ball
  • Racket Ball
  • Foam Shapes
  • Isometric Gripping
  • Wringing Cloths

But the best way to improve your hand strength, and therefore you batting average, is to look for a tool that allows you to strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms during already-scheduled warm-ups and drills. In hitting with Stacked Handle™, the bat with the built-in trainer, there’s no need to set aside more time for specific hand strengthening exercises.

With stronger hands, you will begin to transfer more energy to the baseball bats barrel.